9 Business Movements and Their Leaders

Business Movements

Over the last several years I have been analyzing businesses based on their values and their cultures. I’ve seen the rise of business based movements. These movements are lead by passionate corporate evangelists that have witnessed inequity and are fighting for justice; academics, through their deep research have uncovered the dramatic trend of the rising business stakeholder; others are lead by marketers that recognized the rise of the democratized consumer and want to meet their demands. Either way, these movements are gaining momentum in the business world. Since these movements are reflected in organizational values, I’ve decided to group them into nine categories as you can see in the grid below.

The Leaders

The listed leaders below are those that have most influenced my thinking. Most of these leaders incorporate all the nine values and their sub-values into their movements; however, on this list, they are represented by their most prominent value. This will evolve as I continue my research. The original list includes Clayton Christensen, Alexander Kjerulf, Traci Fenton, Joey Reiman, Simon Sinek, Aaron Hurst, Jeremiah Owyang, Evan Leybourn, Dave Gray, Stephen Covey, Joel Gascoigne, Dov Seidman, Claude Silver, Lorie Corcuera, and John Mackey.

Please contact me or comment if you would like to add your insights to these lists.


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