Our purpose at upValues is to discover, discuss and share the best stories of organizations that live their values. We want you to share your perspective and discover and share the perspectives of others. We’ll help lift the best orgs and help to guide the ones that are failing. Help us by becoming an upValuator.

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Getting Started as an upValuator

An upValuator is someone that shares their perspective on the values of an organization in which they come in contact.

It’s easy to get started. Just type an organization’s name at the top and you’ll see the perspectives of other upValuators or you can share your own perspective.

Tap on the organization’s name (blue link,) if you want to see the aggregate of all upValues for that org or tap on the images to see the single perspective of the upValuator.

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The upValues

Each of the nine core upValues in the organization profile is represented by a movement. For example, the Conscious Capitalism movement is represented by Consciousness. Each upValue also has several sub-values, dependent, or synonymous values, which we are continually evolving with your feedback. For example, “empathy” can be seen across many of the core upValues.

This is our list of core upValues: Transparency, Agility, Humanity, Autonomy, Healthy, Innovation, Collaboration, Greater Purpose, Conciousness.

See upValues Taxonomyhttp://upvalues.com/upvalues-taxonomy/

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We are collaborative! We want to work with leaders to bring values to life and make them engaging and actionable. Contact us with ideas that can work for you! Contact greg@upvalues.com